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NEW THIS YEAR! Thank you to all those who submitted their session programming. Below are the top 10 choices narrowed down by Summerfest Tech’s steering committee. Please vote once daily on your top 4 sessions, and the 4 sessions with the highest amount of votes will be integrated into the Summerfest Tech 2024 agenda! Voting ends at 11:59pm on May 24th

Key Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cyber-Tech Trends and What it Means for the Future.
This year is unique since policy makers and business leaders grew concerned with artificial intelligence (AI) ethics, disinformation morphed, AI had hyper growth including connections to increased crypto money laundering via splitting / mixing. Impressively, AI cyber tools become more capable in the areas of zero-trust orchestration, cloud security posture management (CSPM), threat response via improved machine learning, quantum-safe cryptography ripened, authentication made real time monitoring advancements, while some hype remains. Moreover, the mass resignation / gig economy (remote work) remained a large part of the catalyst for all of these trends.

A.I. Deployed: Real-World Use Cases.
Milwaukee native and seasoned AI consultant shows dozens of their deployed A.I. solutions for business. Featuring examples from enterprises like 3M and the NFL along with solutions from legal, medical, TV production, state and local public sector, education, marketing and design. Attendees will learn innovative techniques for securely and responsibly integrating proprietary data with various different foundation and open source models. This session will also explore fascinating practical uses cases involving the world’s largest context windows that leverage models with over one million token inputs. Go way beyond standard generative AI Chatbots into AI applications leveraging video, voice, audio, images, vectors in ways you’ve never imagined you could use AI to solve business problems. This session provides a rare glimpse into how the most innovative companies in the U.S. are responsibly leveraging A.I. and perspective on where AI will evolve in 2024 and beyond.

How to Use AI to Connect with Your Core Audience.
To know your audience is to know the inner most thoughts and fears of a consumer, a fan or even a voter. In this panel, we will discuss ways to use AI as a tool to get to know your key audience better. Whether you’re crafting a major marketing campaign, selling a product or electing a candidate, this panel is for you. 

The Next Frontier of Teaching and Learning is AI Agents.
Technology including Gen-AI doesn't just assist but actively engages in educating learners—on behalf of teachers and parents. Using specialised LLMs like OIMISA-7B, we've crafted agents that teach, question and test learners for parents and teachers. They also report back to  them enabling hyper-personalised support while centrally maintaining the human-in-the-loop.

How to be a No-Code Creative.
Embrace the future of creativity without the need for complex coding skills. Join Craft The Future's Founder as they unveil the secrets to thriving as a No-Code Creative. Discover tools and strategies that empower you to bring your innovative ideas to life, creating impactful projects and solutions in the digital realm. This program invites you to explore the vast potential of no-code platforms, ensuring that your creative journey is boundless. A transformative exploration for artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries ready to lead in the no-code revolution.

Reinventing the Digital Fan Experience.
The Brewers are engaged to rethink and modernize the fan experience through interactive and engaging digital experiences throughout American Family Field. The goal is to provide fans a home-to-seat experience through mobile, web, and digital signage while using the Cloud, AI and other modern frameworks. We aim to provide Brewers fans with a memorable and amazing game day. 

AI Ethics.
AI Ethics concerns - Privacy & Surveillance How can my data be used to identify & track me? Can my data be used to train new models and what are the impacts of that on me? Differential privacy? Discrimination & Bias? Are our models fair? How do we prevent human biases from creeping into our models? How do we identify it when we get it wrong? Human Judgement / AI for Good What are the types of tasks that we want AI to handle? How do we prevent malicious use of models to create malicious or intentionally deceptive content? Do we want the AI flying our drones or launching our nuclear missiles?

The Story You Stepped In.
I've been helping tech startups around the country to uncover their most beneficial and true story framework, so that their pitches are stronger, and so that their teams are aligned. It's not enough to talk about the problem you're solving. There's a story, a metaphor, a framework that will help your audiences understand why that problem needs to be solved and why they should invest in it. I'd like to lead a workshop to help more tech entrepreneurs know how to find that story, and how to use it.  

AI-Driven Innovations in Healthcare: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Wellbeing
In an era where technology increasingly intersects with all aspects of life, healthcare stands out as a field ripe for innovation. Our proposed programming, "AI-Driven Innovations in Healthcare," aims to explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in revolutionizing the health sector. This session will delve into how AI and ML technologies are not only optimizing patient care and operational efficiencies but also paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in personalized medicine, disease prediction, and treatment methodologies. I will showcase real-world applications and success stories, illustrating AI's role in diagnosing diseases with higher accuracy, enhancing drug development processes, and enabling predictive analytics for better health management. Additionally, the program will address the ethical considerations and challenges of integrating AI into healthcare, such as data privacy and the need for robust regulatory frameworks. By bringing together industry experts, healthcare professionals, and technologists, this programming promises to offer a comprehensive overview of AI's potential to enhance health outcomes, improve patient experiences, and foster a culture of innovation within the biohealth ecosystem. Our goal is to inspire attendees to consider how they can contribute to this evolving field, whether through developing AI solutions, implementing these technologies in healthcare settings, or ensuring ethical practices in their application.

Privacy and You
Your digital activity generates a treasure trove of data ranging from your interests and purchases to your online behaviors, all collected by the websites, apps, devices, and services you use every day. You may not be able to control how companies around the globe collect each little piece of data about you and your family, but you still have a right to data privacy, and we want to help you take control of your data! This session will discuss data privacy, its connections to cybersecurity, the differences between personal information, personally identifiable information, and sensitive personal information, and what steps you can take to protect your personal data.


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